When it comes to your Wedding reception we have the perfect DJ / Sound and lighting system which are both are fun, bright, and interactive. Sit back and enjoy your special day, allowing our Dj to coordinate a smooth flow to the formalities. This makes it fun for your guests and easy for you! Our shows are designed to fit any room and come standard with a High-quality subwoofer Sound System, Smart L.E.D. Lighting, Multi spectrum laser light shows, and bubble machines to create the perfect ambience for your party, all at no extra charge. That’s right, a FREE professional light show!

Try one of our affordable Up-Lighting systems for your next wedding reception. We can match your wedding colors and have the system color chase lights to the beat of the music once the dancing starts. We rent intelligent pro color mixing tri-L.E.D. bars and par cans for professional stage/trade shows. These are highly versatile systems that can be used for a wide variety of stage/trade show or up lighting application.